The stone Lessinia, formerly known as stone Prun and a limestone quarry that is in the form of horizontal layers that vary in thickness from 4 to 40 cm, where the crust is in the colours red, pink and white or white-green. The layers of thickness up to 10 cm square are used in natural cleft, scratched, paving of gardens, paths, sidewalks, fencing slabs whole or 2 strips.

Also in the field of rustic garden and this stone, properly worked, it worked with a major emphasis of aesthetic beauty, as natural cleft or in walls, ribbed for a natural cleft. Particular use is made in the construction of planters, benches, rustic tables and worked well for fireplaces and gardens.

Characteristic and ‘the use to which it is put in the sidewalks of the city of Verona and as a cover for the roofs of all houses Lessinia. The layers of greater thickness are processed type marble, obtaining valuable results for the contours and sills of windows and doors, with the possibility of obtaining thickness from 4 to 20 cm with significantly lower costs than other materials marble.

These contours can be sanded, polished. The stone Lessinia today thanks to modern technology of processing and a very popular material for paving as indoor halls, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, taverns …., because they realized in a particularly warm and welcoming.

Pietra Lessinia Bianca


Pietra Lessinia Rosa