The adventure of Guardini in the world of Lessinia stone began in the 1950s with brothers Delio and Danilo. Their first quarry, which is still active today, is located in Casalino in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo.

Over time, other quarries, always located in the territory between Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo and Fumane were added. The quarries are operated in rotation. The most important are the Gobbe quarry, the Lovare quarry, the Paradiso quarry, and the Gorgusello quarry.

The production site of Guardini Pietre is located in Loc. Croce dello Schioppo near the Lessinia Stone extraction area.

The company consists of a large warehouse of blocks extracted from the quarries owned by the company, a slab warehouse, modern high-tech systems, and a technical office able to meet the most varied needs.
All coordinated by the experience of two generations that allow Guardini Pietre to extract and transform Lessinia stone and marble into workmanship of any kind – from small orders to big projects.

The company has established itself on the national and international market thanks to its ability to offer a product over which total control is guaranteed – from the extraction of the raw material right down to the finishing detail – the prerogative of a high-quality product, and the guiding principle of the company.