From Art Nouveau to Modernity

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From Art Nouveau to Modernity

Walking through Verona’s Borgo Trento area, you will note numerous tree-lined streets and fine art nouveau villas built immediately after the war, which have been renovated and adapted to new living standards over time.

Villa Lieta can be found in the heart of this elegant city district: a characteristic palace for its grandeur and height. Built as a medical centre, it has been converted into a highly prestigious residential housing complex and has become a contemporary building of quality, where planning, elegance, attention to detail and innovative system solutions have come together beautifully. Everything in the building matches the context of the surrounding area. The company Guardini Pietre has been selected for the supply, design and installation of the finishings and outdoor facilities. Based on customer request and matching the current context, an Egyptian marble was used with a uniform yellow colour and golden veins that is clear, bright and pleasing to the eye, with a comprehensive aesthetic result of great value. All finishings were installed with a ventilated wall mounting system.

Also in this case, the company Guardini has demonstrated its capacity to design and work with materials other than Lessinia Stone.

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